Using Palette Gear For Film Editing and Colour Grading (Ingles)

  • Palette Gear gives you tactile and versatile control over your creative software.
  • Work faster and more efficiently with custom keyboard shortcuts and pre-built interactions.
  • Download my Premiere Pro profiles to edit with Palette.

Palette Gear is a powerful and fun way to interact with your favourite creative software in a whole new tactile manner. Buttons, dials and sliders/faders give you a versatile way to adjust any keyboard-shortcut-controlled part of your software such as adding keyframes, adjusting effect’s parameters and much more, through pre-programmed functionality.

What does that mean in reality?

Imagine you’re a Premiere Pro editor working on an cut and you notice a shot needs a little exposure lift. Instead of selecting the clip, moving to the effects tab, dragging on a Lumetri effect, moving to the effects control panel, twirling down the Lumetri options and clicking on exposure to adjust the setting, you simply move your hand to a slider and move it up a little bit.

That’s what’s great about Palette. Yes it looks really cool and it’s an exciting gadget to have on your desk (that’s undeniable) but the real power comes in it providing time-saving shortcuts that allow you to work faster and more fluidly.


Wilder Bolaños Gómez

Adobe Consultant | Adobe Speaker | Creative Cloud & Document Cloud | Certified Instructor & Expert.

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