Adobe Announces Availability of Native 4K Stock Video Assets (Ingles)

Adobe Stock has been around for a short while now, featuring useful, deep integration into Creative Cloud products, as well as a more traditional online portal through which to purchase content. Through a blog post on its website, Adobe recently announced these platforms will now benefit from native 4K video content in addition to the photos and standard high-definition videos previously offered.

Adobe launched with a catalog of over 100,000 4K video assets. Add this to the more than one million video assets and over 45 million still images (including graphics), and it’s clear Adobe is serious about its content offering since it’s launch back in June of last year. Some of the highlighted clips include footage of everything from fireworks shows, to a typical couple looking at a map (presumably on a road trip), to abstract video of ferrofluid interacting with a magnet.

Part of the allure of Adobe Stock is its deep integration with Creative Cloud products that lets you proof an image in place within a proposed final layout, and to then remove the watermark across all documents that use that asset with a properly licensed, high-quality image once it’s approved by your bosses or your team, etc. Needless to say, this saves editors countless hours replacing a placeholder image in a layout, while ensuring the client gets an accurate proof during the process.

The new 4K assets are available today for $199.99 each at Adobe Stock. Standard license terms apply, but the number of impressions is unlimited. Additionally, if full HD is all that your project requires, accordingly resized clips of the 4K content are available for $79.99.


Wilder Bolaños Gómez

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