New Adobe Study Highlights the Need for Creative Problem Solving in School

Many have looked on the coming wave of automation with an attitude of dread. Many jobs will become entirely obsolete. Others will change so dramatically that professionals with decades of experience will need to leave their comfort zone and adapt. But when most people hear reports of an incoming tsunami, they get to high ground. In terms of automation, that means learning how to remain an effective worker and taking steps to achieve that end. Many trend watchers have pointed to skills such as social and emotional intelligence. A new study conducted by Adobe, however, highlights creative problem solving as an asset that machines won’t be able to replicate any time soon.

The company surveyed 1,600 secondary and post-secondary educators and 400 policymakers in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Japan to reach their conclusions.


Wilder Bolaños Gómez

Adobe Consultant | Adobe Speaker | Creative Cloud & Document Cloud | Certified Instructor & Expert.

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