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Freelance jobs are an alternative to those boring office jobs. According to Buffer, 90% of people would prefer to work remotely. The reason for this is because freelance jobs are more flexible and people work more comfortably. Although, it does require you to be as responsible and productive as you would when working at an office.

How much do freelancers make? There’s not a round number to this due to the variety of jobs there are. Freelance jobs go from writing, video, and image editing, to web development jobs. So, this is very different in terms of salary. However, a recent survey conducted by Contently revealed that the average salary of a freelancer goes from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on which part of the world. 

This may not sound like a lot for someone living in the United States, but you can ask someone from Colombia or Sri Lanka how much they can do with that amount and they’ll be amazed. One of the best things that digital nomads do is to work for a job that will produce this type of salary in a country with a lower value currency. Since this is a global survey, it’s a little unfair to say that people from the US would make the same. Usually, freelancers living in the US, and hired by American companies, make more than these salaries. Upwork recently surveyed that 60% of freelancers who quit a regular job are now earning more than they used to.

Although you may be thinking that you’ll need to get a bachelor’s degree to land a job in the tech industry, this is far away from the truth. Many people succeed in a freelance career through bootcamps. If you’re trying to make it in a freelance career, here we’ll show you some of the highest-paying freelance jobs and where you can learn the skills needed.

Web Development

The increase in online customer activities makes building an internet presence imperative for companies. E-commerce plays a huge role in a company’s financial affairs. Therefore, the demand for web developers is higher than ever. Web developers build websites from scratch and they work with different programming languages. There are front-end and back-end developers.

Web developers have different salaries depending on experience, specialization, and location. However, since we’re talking about freelance jobs, we won’t consider that last factor. If you’re a web developer without experience, you can make up to $55,000. However, experienced web developers can make $90,000 a year.

Where to learn this skill

With Rithm School’s Full-Stack web development boot camp, you’ll learn everything about front-end and back-end development. Most bootcamps usually train you to learn either one of those specializations but this one is meant for you to be an expert in both matters. You’ll be learning how to use HTML, Python, and CSS. 

Mobile Development

The use of apps is part of our daily activities. According to an eMarketer survey, users spend up to two hours and 11 minutes on app usage a day. So the best way for brands to approach effective communication with its customers is by creating a functional app. This is why the mobile development skill has been so trending over the last years, and it will continue to be. According to Experis, mobile development has reached an incredible level of demand, making it one of the most required IT skills in the market.

A mobile developer’s salary will differ depending on which operating system you’ll choose. Whether it is Android or iOS, the average salary you can expect is from $111,000 to $113,000, depending on the level of experience. Let’s say you’re a coding bootcamp graduate. At your first employment, you could expect to make an under $100,000 salary. With experience, you’ll start building a career that might get you to earn a $162,000 salary as a senior mobile developer. 

The only drawback of being a mobile development freelancer is that you depend on the amount of workflow that you have. Most mobile development freelancers usually work by project. If you’re looking to build a career as a mobile dev, you’ll need to learn its programming principles. Flatiron School’s iOS development boot camp is one of the best courses to learn how to build mobile Apple apps. Although Swift is the most common programming language for iOS development, you’ll also be learning how to work with objective-C. In terms of Android development, there are other great boot camps like Thinkful’s program and App Academy mobile development course.

Internet Research 

Internet research is a very common practice worldwide. It consists of doing technical research online to find helpful insights. Internet research is used by many professions but mostly by journalists, doctors, and teachers. Students also benefit a lot from this practice. The research could be done by accessing online data websites, doing a consultation with experts by email, or getting into forums. Internet researches not only work with theoretical investigation, but they can also be required to analyze metrics. This last task is usually used mostly by e-commerce companies.  According to Glassdoor, an internet researcher can make up to $52,000 in an annual salary.

Web Designing 

Web design is not the same as web development. While a developer works with code and programming skills, web designers work with the aesthetics of a website. This includes fonts, colors, and layouts. Web design plays a huge role in the web development process. When you’re building a website, you need to create it in a way that is appealing to most users. Remember that first impressions usually come off from a website, and if it’s not good-looking and intuitive, users will leave. To be a successful web designer you need to have UX and UI design skills.

In Conclusion

Having a freelance job could change your life forever. You’ll be spending more time with your family, working from bed, and reaching career goals at the same time. So if you’re thinking about getting a freelance career you must be careful when choosing which skills will help you get a high-paying job.

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